Organizations Including:

  • Hydraulic Fracturing & Completion Technology Suppliers
  • Seismic & Core Analysis Companies
  • Horizontal Drilling Companies
  • Midstream & Pipeline Companies
  • Key Industry Laboratory & Analysis Firms
  • Pressure Pumping Firms
  • Market & Economic Analysts
  • Environmental Consultancies
  • Geological Surveys
  • Research & Development Institutes & Universities
  • Modelling Software Systems Companies
  • Investment Firms
  • CO2 Sequestration
  • Water Treatment/ Management
  • Oil Transportation Companies
  • Research & Development Institutes & Universities


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To ensure maximum economic production in the Viking, Cardium, Bakken and emerging tight oil plays in Canada, operators must…

…utilize the most cost-effective hydraulic fracturing techniques and reservoir evaluation tools to achieve long-term production flow without overspending.

Bakken, Cardium, Viking and emerging tight oil plays have already attracted the attention of dozens of leading E&P operators from across North America looking to exploit their rich oil reserves. Incorporating best practice geological and completions methodologies to maximize recovery remains a key competitive factor ensuring the success of every hydraulic fracturing operation.

Tight Oil Canada 2012 is the second in the Tight Oil Canada series and the fifth in the North American Tight Oil series focusing exclusively on the advances in hydraulic fracturing techniques that have the greatest impacts on key tight oil plays. The Congress will host VPs, Directors and technical experts from Canada’s leading operators to share their knowledge and results on the existing tight oil projects to collectively develop techniques and technologies for optimizing production and reducing the cost of the hydraulic fracturing.

Leading E&P operators at Tight Oil Canada 2012 will be providing in-depth case studies on:

FRACTURE FLUIDS: Comparing the most high conductivity fracture fluids used by tight oil operators in Canada and examining their compatibility with different formations

MULTI-STAGE FRACS: Examining how to choose the most cost-effective amount of fractures per well and the space between them to achieve optimal conductivity without overspending 

COMPLETIONS TECHNOLOGIES: Evaluating latest advances in completions technologies to facilitate successful production and maintain high levels of return

EOR : Examining the viability of secondary and tertiary recovery tor tight oil plays in Canada using water, chemical or CO2 flooding

RESERVES EVALUATION : Explaining cost-effective methods to estimate EUR of tight oil reserves in Canada and determine production viability

ROCK PROPERTIES: Comparing permeability and porosity cut-offs used by successful tight oil operators to determine the optimal completions design